Supervisor Dashboard

The Supervisor dashboard provides the ability to:

  • See all INS and OUTS as they are happening
  • Review and edit time records as needed
  • Create manual punches as needed
  • Cost code hours
  • Send timesheets to the Pay Admin Dashboard

Feature List

  • Dashboard Statistics and KPIs
  • Absent notification and tracking
  • Monitor scans and hours
  • Late arrival notification and tracking
  • Semi-automatic cost coding
  • Quantity installed reporting

Cost Coding

One of the features that makes OnSite different from most other time and attendance applications is the ability to cost code your employee’s hours. When cost coding is turned on, you move into a 3-step workflow.

  • Step 1. Review and edit
  • Step 2. Cost Code
  • Step 3. Timesheet review and send to Pay Admin Dashboard

OnSite provides up to 5 cost codes per person, per day. The % allocation is a unique way to distribute the hours. Rather than having to enter hours per person every day, you set a percentage of hours to each cost code.

The benefit to this is that if your employee is working on the same task day after day, the supervisor does not have to do anything except review and send to pay admin. Any hours worked for that day will automatically be allocated to one or more cost codes.

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