What is OnSite?

  • OnSite is a Time & Attendance system that tracks employees start and end times as well as attendance and time off. (standard)
  • It is a material ordering application that provides crews the ability to order material from anywhere on the jobsite using their mobile devices. (optional)
  • It is a tool tracker. It provides the ability to perform tool inventories using QR scanning from any mobile device. It is designed to provide visibility into the location of all your company’s tools.(optional)
  • It is a production performance tracking system. It provides the project team the ability to report percent completes, quantity left to install and report installed counts. OnSite includes a unique ability to automatically track production based on material purchases.(optional)
  • We also provide a free mobile app to your employees that provides them real-time access to monitor their timesheets and to present their QR code to the jobsite timeclocks.

How it Works

  • We believe that the most reliable method for capturing time is for employees to scan their QR codes to OnSite timeclocks located on or around the jobsite.
  • Time records are instantly sent to the “Supervisor Dashboard” to be reviewed by a supervisor. The supervisor review, edits, and cost codes the hours. The final step is to send the digital timesheets to the payroll admin with just a few button clicks.
  • The pay admin receives the timesheets on her/his dashboard then starts the final review. Upon completion, she/he exports a comprehensive CSV file for upload into your payroll system. Or clicks a button and that uploads into your payroll system via API. The CSV and API can be customized to meet your specific needs.
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Lessons Learned

  • In 2014 we started looking for a software solution to help our company reduce the workload on our supervisors and administrators in processing weekly payroll. At that time, there were very few time and attendance apps made specifically for the construction industry. The handful that we did find were not willing to customize their product to meet our specific needs. So in 2014 we started the process of designing and building our own custom application.
  • Our development team worked side by side with our jobsite teams and our front office admins to insure that we met all of their expectations. The first couple of years were a lot of trial and error. Lots of frustrations. Since that time, the system has gone through many iterations and design changes. The result is that now we have a system that has become an integral part of our business processes. A system that met its objectives. A system that significantly reduces the workload on our very important people.
  • Today I see a lot of Similar applications on the open market. Their time capture methods varies from QR code scanning, to GPS tracking, to manual punches from employee’s phones. Our experience in working side by side with supervisors, administrators and managers, has shown us what does and does not work well.
  • We believe that most jobsite supervisors do not want their crews clocking in and out from their personal devices. But rather they want them to scan directly to a centrally located time clock or multiple timeclocks, strategically placed across the site.
  • We considered automatic clock in and out using a GEO fence. But what we found was that employees cannot be relied upon to consistently turn on their device’s GPS feature, and they cannot be expected to leave it on and deplete their battery.
  • Our system is built upon simple and reliable QR scanning. In our experience, most supervisors and project managers prefer this method over allowing their guys to clock in and out from their phones, or automate using GPS. However, we have provided both optionS for those who would prefer manual clock ins from mobile devices.